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Getting ready for HMRC’s new penalty regime

Did you know that HMRC’s penalty regime is about to change? Get ready for the new points-based scheme and avoid penalty fines. #tax Paying your tax bill on time can be a struggle. The HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC’s) penalty regime exists, to act as a deterrent for late payment and overdue submissions. But did…Read More

Building your most important asset – your team

From team-building exercises to managing personalities and resolving issues, building a winning team is invaluable for your business, where you’re only as good as the team around you. When you’re running a small business, you’re only as good as the team around you. Hiring the right people is a start, but how do you turn…Read More

What business taxes will your new company need to pay?

Are you in the dark when it comes to business taxes? We’ve got the lowdown on the key taxes your new business will need to pay – so you’re on top of your tax liabilities. #tax #accounting #businesstips As the founder of a company, there’s a long list of compliance tasks to get your head…Read More

Christmas Dates

Well, we can’t believe it is that time of year. Christmas seems to have crept up on us this year and we bet it’s not just us looking forward to the break! Just to let you know our office will be closed from 23rd December 5pm and reopen on 4th January 2022.  For Ltd Company…Read More

Video marketing explained

Have you explored using video to boost your marketing? Here’s why video is fast becoming the most popular channel for marketing messaging. #businessadvice #marketing #videomarketing In a world of multiple online channels and social media formats, video seems to be coming out on top. Social platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook are all focused…Read More

Keeping your business cash liquid – the difference between cashflow and profit

Do you know the difference between profits and cash flow? We’ll help you understand why cash is king and how to improve your cash flow management AND profitability #businessadvice #cashflow The foundational goal of any business is to make a profit. As a business owner, that’s one of your key financial aims – to make…Read More

Could a 4-day week be a good fit for your team?

Could a 4-day week be the ideal work set-up for your business? Global trials have shown that working fewer hours leads to a happier team who are still equally as productive. #businessadvice #4dayweek #work The pandemic has acted as an impetus for reflection, with many workers and business people reassessing the hours they work and…Read More

Use of Home as an Office

Many people, including Directors, Employees, Sole Traders and Partnerships are now using their home as a working base.  It is not enough for the expense to just be relevant to the employment or incurred in connection with the work – it must be ‘wholly, exclusively and necessarily’ incurred.  So what can you claim if you are in…Read More

The reduced rate of VAT has gone up – are you ready?

The reduced rate of VAT went up from 5% to 12.5% in October 2021. Have you factored this into your VAT expenditure for the next quarter? We can help you forecast the impact and how it may affect your cash position. #tax #VAT The 5% reduced rate of value-added tax (VAT) has been in place since 8…Read More

The Recovery Loan Scheme has been extended – are you eligible?

The Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) has been extended until June 2022. We’ll help you gauge your eligibility and provide the financial projections needed by approved RLS lenders. #recovery #recoveryloanscheme #funding With most of the Government’s Covid financial support schemes now closed, the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) has been a last route to funding for many Covid-impacted businesses.…Read More

Garden Office & Tax Relief

Garden Office – Tax Relief and other implications The last 18 months has seen a big rise in the number of people now working from home. Understandably people want to feel comfortable working from home and have the correct environment to remain productive (or even increase productivity).  We have seen a lot more queries around…Read More

Back to Tax Basics: How does PAYE work?

Are you taking on your first employees? Do you know your pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) requirements? We’ll help you set up your payroll and get your PAYE up and running #tax #payroll #PAYE Once you become an employer, you’ll need to set up a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) scheme. All businesses that employ people earning above the National Insurance…Read More

The Autumn Budget 2021 “A New Economy”

Inflation up to 3.1% due to demand for goods increase over supply, and global demand for energy (Coal, Gas, Oil) has doubled prices in the last year. Inflation forecast to be 4% next year. State of the Economy HGV levy frozen until August 2023 and freezing Vehicle Excise Duty. £500 Million support fund for household…Read More

Let’s be clear about Pool Cars!

Several clients have asked us about purchasing cars (includes Vans) to be used as pool cars.  There are criteria surrounding the use of pool cars to make sure the no benefit in kind (and therefore income tax and national insurance) is assessed on an individual who has use of a pool car.  If you fail…Read More

Alternative social media platforms for marketing your business

Looking for alternative social media channels to explore? We’ve highlighted 4 of the most interesting alternative platforms to focus your digital marketing on. #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia CONTENT  When you start using social media to market your business, it’s important to focus on the big hitters – social media giants like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn are all…Read More

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