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Starting up a business can be just as scary as getting married, having children or doing a skydive even – it can be a complete leap of faith at times.

APH will explain everything you need to know about starting up a business and hopefully ease any worries you have. The correct advice and guidance at the start up stage is essential to not only survival in the first few tough years but is fundamental to how your business will flourish and grow. APH are long established and successful at this and are the preferred Accountants of two leading banks and many other organisations local and nationally.

What we will do: 

  1. First of all we will run through everything you need to know about setting up your business
  • Select the right structure
  • Explain the tax system
  • Explain VAT/Payroll/CIS
  • Explain what you can and cannot claim
  • Tell you if your mate down the pub was right or not
  • Tell you everything in plain English
  • Help with anything else you need IT, HR, Marketing.
  1. If you are not already set up on a cloud-based accounting platform then we will set you up – this will help future proof your business against a constantly evolving environment – making tax digital will evolve a lot more over the coming years!
  2. We will help train you how to run your business finances more effectively
  3. We will help you develop a budget and a financial forecast for your business so you become a forward thinking business owner
  4. Oh and by the way we do the boring stuff below in our sleep:
  • Preparation of your accounts.
  • Tax returns
  • Bookkeeping & Payroll services
  • VAT return preparation and submission
  • A review of your accounts to ensure you are set up in the most tax efficient way
  • HMRC Investigations, Compliance Visits & Disclosures
  1. What you get is:
  • Peace of mind that and a good night’s sleep
  • Fixed Fees agreed in advance for all work, no surprises
  • A full scope of service schedule covering what work will performed
  • Your documents will be approved and signed by a Chartered Accountant so will be accepted by all third parties such as banks, mortgage, and finance companies.
  • The chance to focus on growing your business and profits