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Why you should systemise your business

There are several reasons why you’d want to systemise your business, but most people miss the ultimate reason why we do it. 

So let me outline some of the reasons why you need to systemise your business and then I’ll reveal what I believe to be the BIG one. This is the one that rarely, if ever, gets talked about but the one that has the greatest impact on your clients for one specific reason. 


As any business grows, it naturally becomes more and more chaotic. You take on more people, learn new methods of doing things, encounter new challenges, get more clients and offer more services and with every new thing you add into your business, the chaos compounds. Systemising your business controls that chaos and returns calm to our lives


Once your business is fully systemised, you have effectively installed the ‘franchisable model’ into your firm, so it could be franchised out. 

This could be on a large scale or it could just be something you do with a few places in nearby towns. But the main driver for achieving this is not because you have to franchise, but to give you choices. A business that can be franchised must be fully systemised, be replicable, produce predictable, repeatable results, be fully documented, have protected IP and have removed you from the day-to-day running of it. By getting to this point, you just have more choices and options in your life.


Without true systems being installed in your business, scaling would be a nightmare. Each customer/client you attempt to bring in would widen the cracks, increase the chaos, add to the overwhelm and exaggerate the problems. 

Some business owners think that if they just push through it will all come good. It won’t. 


Most businesses have people helping run their business and so they naturally become overwhelmed. This is because people should not be running your business. Systems should be running your business and people should be running the systems. 

Do it the other way around and overwhelm will increase.


Without proper systems, you’re vulnerable because if someone leaves, you’re in deep water. But if you have systems running your business and that person was running the system, it makes you far less vulnerable. 

Of course, there will be other problems you’ll need to deal with, but your vulnerability will be less. Proper systems also reduce the risk of someone making a mistake either accidentally or intentionally. There should be sufficient checks in place that prevent your clients, the jobs and key tasks from falling through the cracks.


Without a fully systemised, crack-free business, there’s no way you can be maximising the lifetime value of your customers/clients. 

Do all of your customers/clients know everything you do? 

Have you carried out a review on what services they will need over the next three years?

Are there mechanisms in place, which are moving those customers/clients towards those additional services/products that they need? 

If not, the great news is that most of this can be automated IF the systems are right.


A fully systemised business with the correct technology, automation (where appropriate), instructional manuals and training programs makes your business far more saleable AND worth a lot more. Systemisation and scalability can increase the value of your firm by several times more than that of a normal business.


Maybe you don’t want to do any of those things, but you just want to step back and let the business run itself, with little input from you. Systemising allows that to happen. I speak to 50 and 60 year old business owners who love what they do, but think they have to retire soon. Why? You’re going to live far longer than you think, so why not keep going? 

Think what you could do with your business over the next 30 years. You’re just getting warmed up. Get it running without you first, then step back and just get involved in strategy or marketing or whatever you enjoy most. Rather than build to a day where you retire, take continual retirements until you’re 90. Working one day a week or one week a month. Don’t stop now. Keep going.


So here’s the biggy. We systemise our business for one main reason and it’s one that is rarely considered by the majority of businesses

You should systemise in order to provide incredible experiences to your clients.

That’s it. That’s why we do it. Your clients will remember how you made them feel, long after they’ve forgotten what you’ve done for them, and we change the way they feel through the experiences we provide.

But we cannot even begin to consider this ultimate level until we have everything else in place, the service you are providing is outstanding and the value you provide has been maximised.

Incredible experiences are where the game is won.

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